Simplifying smart home technology

Seamless IoT device management for residents
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Single Digits is a leading provider of intelligent Wi-Fi solutions for hotels, student housing, multi-family communities, convention centers and more. In an effort to improve their native IoT mobile app experience for property renters, they partnered with Proximity Lab to design a best in class solution. Our goal was to deliver a simple, seamless experience to residents, empowering them to access their WiFi network and manage their IoT devices using the ONE Home mobile app.
Enterprise UX
Product Design
User Research

Results-oriented UX

Our approach to designing a solution for Single Digits started with a complete needs analysis of current product experiences and collaboration with stakeholders to understand business drivers, limitations and goals. We talked to customers to understand their needs, pain points and expectations. To inform our UX design, we worked with their product strategy and engineering teams to document journey maps of current key workflows and prioritize features for target personas. We created diagrams and wireframes of the end-to-end experience spanning onboarding and use before moving into hi-fidelity design, with multiple iterations based on feedback from Single Digits and customer validation.

We designed an experience for residents that allows them to visually explore and set up their IoT devices with a few simple clicks on their phone. The ONE Home app empowers residents with the ability to manage network access, administer all of their devices with ease, and to identify issues and troubleshoot solutions independently.
While the ONE Home mobile app enables residents to control IoT and network devices, behind the scenes is the Single Digits PlatformONE platform. We partnered with Single Digits to design an end-to-end experience for PlatformONE, enabling administrators and end users to monitor and control network devices throughout their properties.

“Proximity Lab has become a trusted partner for Single Digits to consistently evolve our vision into best-in-class customer experiences. Their team has a unique ability to immerse very quickly in complex product experiences and drive towards user-centric solutions that deliver more value to our customers.”

John-Michael Jenkins
VP Solution Innovation & Delivery Single Digits