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Performance-Driven Metrics

Competitive benchmarking and real-time business analytics

Measuring and comparing the health of start-up businesses is challenging. Each uses slightly different metrics to report progress and they use different reporting tools to consolidate them.

The Root Insight team envisioned a platform that was specifically built to normalize company performance metrics to give investors, board members and the operating teams a much clearer perspective about how their performance compares to similarly sized organizations in their specific vertical market and across a portfolio companies that may span multiple vertical markets. The team at Root Insight chose Proximity Lab to design and develop this platform.

To ensure that the platform would deliver the most value, our team worked with leading business analysts to better understand vital business metrics – how they are measured and how they are reported. We evaluated existing business intelligence platforms and data visualization tools to understand the best methods to convey and compare business performance.

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Common data platform

Common data platform

Root Insight platform was designed and purpose-built to integrate with, one of the leading CRM providers used by start-ups and enterprises to manage all aspects of their business. This integration allowed for the collection of performance metrics across a large number of customers and vertical markets needed to aggregate and analyze comparative metrics and drive insights.

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Interactive guidance

As a result of the variations in how metrics were being calculated, Root Insight features an intuitive system for users of the system to better understand metrics and to provide them with guidance on how to align their systems to streamline reporting.

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Power to compare

The core value of Root Insight is its ability to allow users to analyze company performance with comparison filters. The power to compare a company’s performance for similar periods of time to other companies in the same space has immeasurable value to executive leadership, sales and operational teams.