Unified Network Visibility & Insights

Accelerating issue detection and resolution
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Riverbed Technology is a leader in driving enterprise performance by transforming data into actionable insights across numerous digital ecosystems. Partnering with Proximity Lab, Riverbed endeavored to create a holistic solution for network monitoring and identifying issues impacting performance across all of Riverbed’s products.

UX Design and Research for Unified Observability

The core challenge was to create an observability platform experience capable of identifying issues impacting performance across multiple Riverbed products and presenting the most meaningful insights and actions across IT to resolve problems faster, and eliminate data silos and alert fatigue.

Our team collaborated with Riverbed’s product leaders to create a variety of data visualizations within the platform that surfaced the right data to the right products users in the most efficient manner. These highly tailored user experiences with clear and actionable insights were made possible by the underlying system’s ability to minimize false positives and focus user’s attention to the highest priority issues.

Once these prioritized workflows and wireframes were developed for key Riverbed product persona, our UX research team validated these design concepts – ensuring the proposed solutions met or exceeded their expectations. Proximity Lab’s contributions in UX research and design for the project succeeded in providing a foundational body of design work for Riverbed’s Alluvio IQ unified observability service.
Concept Validation
Product Vision
UX Design
User Research
Visual Design
"Working with the Proximity Lab team was a very positive experience. Their team was able to seamlessly integrate and work with our product and development teams to help unearth product requirements based on well run and documented user research and to help create data visualizations and product experiences that offer true value. The team was very professional and the communication of work and timelines was one of the best I have seen. I would love to work with Proximity Lab again and recommend them."
Jason Garrabrant
Director of Engineering, Riverbed Technology