Improving UX through evolved design systems

Identifying best-in-class design system recommendations based on UX research
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Palo Alto Networks, a global cybersecurity leader, strives to provide top-notch network security, cloud security, and endpoint protection to its customers. To maintain consistency across all its products, the company collaborated with Proximity Lab to assess its design system and competitor experiences. This assessment aimed to make recommendations for an evolved design system and component library that would provide the best user experience across all products.

Design System UX Research

Our research began with engaging stakeholders to identify the goals, requirements, challenges, and opportunities of Palo Alto Networks’ current design system. We evaluated the company's portfolio of current design systems to understand how each system was being used to identify reusable patterns, components, and other elements.

We also conducted interviews with users of other enterprise design systems to compare best practices and challenges. This allowed us to make recommendations for an evolved design system that would bring consistency across all products, and address the needs of Palo Alto Networks for acquisition and continuity across their suite, scalability to the organization, and product growth.

Competitive Research
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