Demystifying the IoT

Empowering consumers with smart home security
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With the increase of IoT devices on home networks comes an even greater need to manage and protect them. As Minim looked to create a solution that would help protect consumers and ISPs, they turned to Proximity Lab to help them think through the user experiences and product interfaces. We worked closely with the Minim product strategy and engineering teams to help understand, clarify and shape both the consumer needs and business drivers to be addressed by this initial product release. 

Our approach to designing an experience with Minim included persona and journey map development for onboarding and first time set up as well as workflows for sustained usage showing how users would interact with Minim services and with each other.
UX Design
Visual Design
We designed an experience for ISPs that allowed them to visually explore networks, view alerts, search for problematic IoT devices and track performance and activity over time to uncover issues before they impact the entire network. We developed an app specifically to help customers set up new IoT devices and manage them in a way that provides a high level of home network security and insights into usage and performance.

“Proximity Lab is at the top of the game for user experience and design. Having worked with them on multiple occasions and projects, they have proven to be a firm that goes way beyond producing simple mock-ups. They take the time to understand the core solution a product needs to deliver.”

Jeremy Hitchcock
Founder & CEO (Minim & Dyn)