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Eagle Genomics is accelerating genomic research and discovery with their innovation platform for life sciences companies. They engaged with Proximity Lab to envision, design, and validate approachable value-oriented experiences for diverse teams and users, from scientific experts to business-focused product managers. The platform experience is designed to help teams uncover the next wave of breakthroughs in microbiome, human biology, and other critical research areas.
Concept Validation
UX Design
User Research
Central themes in our product design work for Eagle Genomics include exploring the intersections between canvas-based collaborative workspaces and highly visual and actionable AI-powered data-driven insights that leverage Eagle’s sophisticated multilayered Hypergraph technology.

Designing and validating workflows and fine tuning user needs

To advance this work, Proximity Lab led workshops and concept development exercises with Eagle Genomics’ product and engineering teams, and conducted user and competitive research to help understand key requirements and inform the complex flows and experiences that were needed to shape these advanced data-driven features. We explored a range of approaches to data visualization and filtering, which combined with conversational UI and canvas-based experiences, produced category-leading capabilities for Eagle Genomics’ customers. These capabilities included dynamic mark-up and notation and highly visual approaches to representing the strength of relationships between diverse data sets.

We helped Eagle deliver on the promise of data-driven collaboration through our work on the core platform and integrated app capabilities. We also designed an app marketplace and purpose-driven applications, features and workflows ranging from product claims, curated data catalog, and multi-layered hypergraph capabilities to surface otherwise inaccessible relationships and insights.

Proximity Lab spent time with both current Eagle customers and prospects to gather direct feedback. This continuous validation allowed the Proximity team to refine and enhance key aspects of workflows to ensure that the experiences aligned with varied user mindsets and fit seamlessly with the way teams are working.
“Proximity Lab has fully integrated with our product teams and CTO office to bring strong cross industry experience and deep thought leadership, which has become an essential catalyst for innovation. They deliver measurable value to our customers, strengthening our relationships and transforming Eagle Genomics into a best-in-class platform for scientific discovery and collaboration to position us as a key contributor to the digital reinvention of science.”