Helping build a Salesforce app from concept to reality

Improving sales performance with prescriptive guidance and insights
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When CoachEm set out to create a platform to better equip sales leaders with the tools to coach their individual sales reps on behavior and actions to improve productivity, they partnered with us to help bring the Salesforce app concept to reality. Working within the parameters of native Salesforce applications using the Lightning design system, our team designed a platform that brings sales training from the whiteboard to a native app by leveraging existing tech to analyze, diagnose and recommend specific actions and encourage behaviors to help each sales rep maximize their full potential.

UX Design for Front Line Managers

Our approach for designing the first coaching execution platform began with engaging stakeholders to align on goals, go to market considerations and long-term business strategy to better understand how CoachEm could prioritize features to deliver value quickly to customers.

Building on a foundation of user research and workshops with CoachEm leadership, the Proximity Lab team explored a range of realistic day-in-the-life-of scenarios, and vetted flows that then helped focus designers so that they could build these data-driven features. With a focus on easily readable metrics, adoption and use for customers, we explored a range of approaches to data visualization and produced an approachable analytics platform that delivers actionable insights to business leaders.
UX Design
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