Transforming Citrix Workspace to Create a Unified Experience

Crafting Efficiency and Collaboration
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In the ever-evolving world of digital workspaces, Citrix, a pioneering name in cloud computing, sought to redefine its administrative experience. They envisioned a future where their workspace would serve as a unified hub for productivity tools and tapped Proximity Lab to help bring this vision to life. The primary goal was to create a wizard-based workflow pattern for admins in Citrix Cloud, offering a unified approach for configuring Citrix Workspace solutions. With a goal of transitioning from a legacy of standalone apps with separate logins, to a more integrated, user-centric workspace experience, we created designs for a unified app configuration, deployment, and management flow, ensuring that users no longer needed to switch between separate systems.

UX Design

To achieve this transformation, Proximity Lab compared competitive offerings and explored the evolution of the relevant markets, initiated stakeholder interviews, reviewed product requirements, conducted extensive UX design work, tested concepts with users and incorporated feedback on designs. 

One of the core components of the project was designing the first-time user experience and onboarding process to ensure that every user had a smooth and guided introduction to the workspace, helping them understand the available features and benefits. We introduced guided tours within the workspace to help users acclimate quickly, crafting an onboarding experience that led users through the workspace’s capabilities.
Citrix envisioned a consolidated portfolio of productivity tools accessible through a single, seamless interface. To do this, we designed an intuitive interface for managing what apps were available to all users within the platform. From creating wizard-based workflows to designing the user experience for the “My Apps” page, every step of the journey was aimed at simplifying administration and enhancing efficiency in the workspace. The result was a digital landscape where Citrix users could work seamlessly, marking a significant stride into the future of digital workspaces.
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