Empowering law enforcement agencies with digital forensics solutions

Modern, integrated, and cloud-based tools to accelerate investigations
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Cellebrite, a leading digital forensics solutions provider, wanted to make its products more accessible and powerful by moving to a SaaS (software as a service) tool and establishing a modern, best-in-class cloud experience. To achieve this, they partnered with our team to provide a combination of strategy, research, and design services to bring their vision to life.

UX Strategy and Research

Proximity Lab researched how Cellebrite's customers used their digital investigative tools, aiming to optimize workflows and solutions for investigators and agencies. Using UX research, strategy, and design, they created a SaaS-based experience for Cellebrite's DI Platform, incorporating both existing and new services. This resulted in a set of product requirements, refined persona documentation, and user journey maps for three personas to guide subsequent UX design.

UX Design & Validating for Success

Proximity Lab built workflows for each persona through collaborative design cycles and translated them into wireframes. They validated design concepts with existing users and documented their findings, working with Cellebrite stakeholders to ensure alignment with business goals and user needs. Proximity Lab's UX strategy helped achieve Cellebrite's goal of establishing a modern, best-in-class cloud experience that empowered law enforcement agencies with leading digital forensics solutions.
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