Research-based UX design powers the future of car buying

Re-shaping consumer mobile and internal cloud-based transportation management for Carvana
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As the fastest growing online used car dealer, Carvana is known as a leader and disruptor of the used car market with an online-only used car hub connecting people to vehicles in their area. Carvana identified the need to evolve both their consumer-facing mobile app and internal logistics focused console in an effort to develop a more robust experience for both customers and employees.

UX Design for Consumers and Internal Users 

Carvana engaged Proximity Lab’s research and design teams over multiple phases to design an company-wide, end-to-end traffic management and logistics platform experience as well as improvements to Carvana’s consumer mobile app with a particular focus on saved search and favorites.

Our team collaborated with senior product leaders to develop detailed personas, use cases, workflows and IA to inform design exploration. We analyzed competitors through UX benchmarking to identify best practices and explored and iterated on multiple design concepts based on feedback from stakeholders and users.

The traffic management solution included the simplification of highly complex, rules-based workflows like trip and driver issue management, exception handling and inventory management – capabilities that had previously been stitched together using a number of licensed third-party products. The resulting solution introduced critical features and capabilities and resolved countless inconsistent patterns and workarounds that existed in the current third-party based implementation.

This work was critical to helping Carvana meet growing customer needs with modern, best-in-class, experiences and streamlined how both internal and external users interact with the growing company and each other. The high quality of work from our first engagement with Carvana inspired trust and has led to continued research and design support and collaboration.
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“Proximity Lab takes the time to understand what’s happening and they’re efficient at getting to the source of the problem. They can break it down, present it, and communicate it. It’s a recipe for success.”
Marc Tsukahira
Director of Product Design, Carvana