Redefining AI-powered digital banking

Designing and validating a platform vision for Digital Banking IQ
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When Bottomline Technologies set out to redefine digital banking to drive deeper customer engagement, they partnered with us to develop the product vision for Digital Banking IQ, a unified, customer-centric platform incorporating AI & ML for customer insights and analytics.

Working alongside senior product and design leaders, we developed a compelling vision and experience for Digital Banking IQ, helping Bottomline to demonstrate thought leadership and a value-oriented vision. We created prototypes to help drive alignment with product leadership and executive management, contemplating an AI-driven future, rationalizing current capabilities and integrating with disparate systems.
Concept Validation
Product Vision
UX Design
User Research

Vision Design & Research

Our approach for designing the vision for Digital Banking IQ began with engaging stakeholders to align on goals and how Bottomline could prioritize features to deliver value quickly to customers.

We evaluated best-in-class solutions to understand the range of existing approaches to expressing customer value, account growth and expansion. Our research team met with a wide range of users to understand their needs and then created flows for target personas to help inform the UX design.

In collaboration with Bottomline stakeholders, we explored and iterated on multiple design concepts for discussion, selection, and refinement. We designed a Digital Banking IQ experience and vision built for intelligent engagement, emphasizing opportunities to expand and grow existing customer relationships with AI-driven insights and analytics.

Proximity Lab has helped to advance a diverse suite of business to business products including real time and conversational payments, dynamic discounting and cash allocation.

“Proximity Lab has been a great UX research and design partner. Their team has been able to seamlessly integrate with our existing teams and our way of working. They have provided a thoughtful external perspective and level of expertise that resulted in a more complete vision as we continue to establish the future of UX in the world of corporate finance.”

Brian McLaughlin
Chief Experience Officer