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Best Laid Plans: Building a Modern and Unified System

A fully re-imagined experience for professional event planners

Amadeus Hospitality is the world’s leading provider of hospitality management software with a suite of tools that empowers hotel staff to manage virtually every aspect of the hotel experience. Amadeus turned to Proximity Lab to modernize several applications related to event planning and management.

Before redesigning the user experience, we researched the market and interviewed customers to analyze existing products, understand customer needs and evaluate idealized feature sets. That work was critical in driving the focus and direction of the project including:

Formalizing the target personae who would most benefit from the new experience

Prioritizing feature sets and shaping the product roadmap

Identifying areas for integration with other Amadeus Hospitality applications

Re-crafting an integrated experience

As our teams moved into the UX and interface design phases, we collaborated with Amadeus stakeholders to develop a clear vision for an integrated suite of products that would span event planning, event layout and design, sales, operations management and collaboration. The products we designed ranged from a wholesale redesign of Amadeus’ online space planner added to their product portfolio through acquisition to the design of new products including their Planner Portal and Direct Book solutions.

In each case, Proximity Lab approached product design with an eye toward improving customer experience and advancing the business goals of Amadeus’ customers. The resulting event planning & management suite features tightly integrated and unified workflows and consistent visual design that provides an effective and seamless end-to-end experience for customers.

Amadeus application screenshots
Visual Experience

Visual Exploration

Our system gives the ability to manipulate and experiment with various plans and configurations for event spaces with powerful features normally associated with client/server apps - such as 3D space planning.

Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration

We designed an easily accessible set of tools to allow planners to quickly collaborate. Notifications, messaging, and saved plans streamline and simplify planning while keeping events on track.

Unified Experience

Unified Experience

While integrating brand new features with legacy capabilities, we achieved the goal of bringing a consistent and unified view to the forefront - allowing event planners to easily move between tasks and functions.