Transforming the Amadeus Portal Experience

Streamlining User Engagement in Travel Technology
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Amadeus, a leader in the global travel technology sector, embarked on an ambitious journey to enhance its portal experience, emphasizing user-centric design. Proximity Lab was selected to spearhead this transformative endeavor, focusing on two critical projects: Demand360 and Agency360. The primary objective was to streamline these platforms to cater to distinct user types, integrating them into a seamless, intuitive portal experience.

Unified UX Design Approach for Demand360 & Agency360

The journey began with in-depth stakeholder discussions, laying the groundwork for our user-centric approach. For both Demand360 and Agency360, we embarked on a rigorous UX research and design process. This involved developing workflows, creating low-fidelity wireframes to map out the user journey, and progressing to high-fidelity screens that brought clarity and sophistication to the user interface.

A crucial part of our process was concept validation. Through iterative testing and refinements, we ensured that the designs resonated with users, enhancing their interaction and ease of use with the platforms. This approach allowed us to streamline the experience across both Demand360 and Agency360, ensuring consistency and efficiency in the Amadeus portal.

The collaboration led to a significant enhancement in the Amadeus portal experience, demonstrating Proximity Lab's expertise in creating user-centric designs that resonate with the needs of the travel industry. This case study reflects our dedication to innovation and our ability to deliver transformative digital solutions.
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