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Clicks, not Code: Modernizing Data Integration

Expanding the power and usability of SaaS-based integration

A market leader in data integration software, Scribe Software set out to re-imagine its legacy data integration platform. In a market dominated by highly technical products, Scribe was driven by a desire to offer the most accessible and approachable integration solution in the market.

In contrast to traditional command line and code snippet oriented integration tools aimed at technically advanced users, Scribe set out to build an experience built on “clicks, not code.” With hundreds of customers actively using their legacy product, this ambitious undertaking had a number of challenges. Scribe engaged with Proximity Lab to lead the early research and planning, all phases of UX and UI design and front-end development as well as advanced scripting for the canvas-oriented experience.

Focused research and user journeys

Drawing from market research tools and evaluations of the existing product experience, our team set out to understand the legacy solution, existing customer experience and the needs of potential and underserved customers. We worked with the internal product teams to gain understanding of product features and capabilities of the product and conducted customer interviews and observe and discuss challenges with existing workflows and to surface specific pain points and desired features and outcomes.

The creation of key persona types, journey maps, and idealized workflows helped focus and drive product UX recommendations and ultimately shaped the strategic direction of the product roadmap.

Platform modernization

Leveraging this research and key findings, we worked with the Scribe team to identify both new and modified workflows and to explore new features that would become the centerpiece of the new platform. New features and modified workflows were designed and evaluated to reflect the needs and transitional use by existing customers and those of new customer types including line of business users with markedly different backgrounds.

Visual coding support

One unique aspect of the new data integration platform was the support for visual coding. This was a critical feature to support the goal of enabling a cultural shift in how the product was used and who would be able to use it. Ultimately the new Scribe platform included a Scratch-based coding platform that helped fulfill the vision of, “clicks, not code,” enabling non-technical users to perform data integration.

Design excellence

Visual Experience

A central challenge was developing a simple and approachable interface for a wide range of user types – creating a visually oriented data integration platform – without compromising the powerful capabilities of the product. Gartner Group, a leading market research firm, recognized Scribe’s re-imagined SaaS-based solution as “the best-in-class” for data integration, a designation that Scribe attributes largely to the research and product design work conducted by Proximity Lab.

Visual Experience
Visual Experience

Increased Usage

An overall increase of 200+% of concurrent use on the Scribe cloud-based platform

Team Collaboration

Customer Satisfaction

Heightened customer satisfaction as measured in improvements in customer retention

Unified Experience

Task Efficiency

A 25% improvement in efficiency of integration tasks

“Proximity Lab understands our business - they challenged our thinking to help create new paradigms for data integration. The resulting user-centric design is now driving the product roadmap for our SaaS platform - we are seeing a new category of users performing data integration tasks that would have previously been outside of their skillset.”

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