Unifying Cloud Solutions: Designing Enterprise-grade Experiences

Crafting stories and defining product experiences for next-generation cloud services

With the breathtaking pace of cloud service adoption, Oracle saw an opportunity to refresh its diverse portfolio of products. Executives wanted help articulating a modern story and updating critical products, including the central portal for its platform services. Through a series of internal and public-facing projects, Proximity Lab helped the company better understand customer needs and create captivating experiences that redefined expectations.

PaaS Experience

Built on a foundation of personas, user flows, and day-in-the-life-of scenarios, we worked with product teams to envision a unified experience for platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offerings.

Vision Storytelling

Collaborating with key executives and team leads, we developed stories, art and videos about how Oracle technology will transform a variety of industries.

UX Research

To design better products, we partnered with application stakeholders to uncover the needs of prospects, dig deeper into customer desires, and analyze competitive tools.

Keynote Demos

As an integral part of a broad, multi-product team, we built self-contained, high-quality demos that demonstrated key solutions to a global audience.

Glimpses of an Oracle powered Future

Through a series of near-future videos and product explorations, we helped Oracle showcase how its technology will continue to transform key business processes and entire industries, such as banking and retail.

Thoughtful UX Research & Creative Design

The foundation for our Oracle stories and design began with research that uncovered crucial user needs and the evolving complexity of markets. Rich personas, realistic day-in-the-life-of scenarios, and vetted flows then helped focus designers so that they could build and test creative, intuitive, and captivating experiences.
Competitive Research

We conducted end-to-end reviews of all major cloud platform providers spanning initial research, pricing and feature comparison, trial signup, the ability to quickly build and deploy a POC, and the account setup and purchase process.

UX Design

We supported Oracle’s product and design teams by sketching and iterating a variety of features ranging from smart search and role-based dashboards to new workflows that bring siloed services together for distributed enterprise development teams.

Product Demos on a World Stage

By refining stories and building demos that highlighted the value of Oracle offerings, we enabled executives to promote their most compelling offerings. Quick insight from sophisticated analytic tools and the easy creation of digital assistants showed a global audience how Oracle would impact the next generation of business solutions.
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