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Pioneering Virtual Furniture Shopping

A browser-based space planning app becomes an industry standard

The Icovia Space Planner started as a web-based home theater configuration tool for the Bose Corporation. The interactive tool allowed customers to position Bose home theater products on an overhead view of a room and get real-time recommendations for product configuration and setup.

We developed a furniture-focused version for Jordan’s Furniture next and this became the catalyst for the development of branded SaaS-based product that would become the Icovia Space Planner.

Custom space creation
Consumers can use the app to create accurate floor plans of their spaces and drag products into their rooms to experiment with layout and to see how things fit.

Real-time 3D rendering
Visitors can browse and preview custom fabrics and finishes in photorealistic detail to see how these combinations work in the context of the actual floor, wall and window treatments that define the look of their rooms.

Powerful marketing capabilities
Using the app for consumers was easy and free, but the true business value for retailers is generated from the sales and marketing data that results when users register to print, share and save their room designs.

Icovia was acquired in 2008 for its innovative design and lead-generation capabilities and its wide adoption throughout the home furnishing industry. It remains the industry-leading private labeled room planner on the market and is used by hundreds of retailers and manufacturers today.