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Accelerating Data Driven Discovery

Visualization-based AI to power genomics research and insight

Cambridge UK based Eagle Genomics is an award-winning provider of AI-powered analysis tools designed to drive and accelerate genomics research. Its products are used by some of the largest and most-respected life science companies in the world. In an effort to expand their product portfolio, Eagle developed a concept for an app that allows researchers to perform multi-dimensional analyses on massive sets of biological data and allow for increased efficiencies in the research process. Understanding that this new product would require innovative interface concepts and a specialized UX and interface design team, Eagle looked for a design partner and selected Proximity Lab to help drive the vision and experience.

Visual Experience

User research

Interviews with prospective users helped us identify a broad set of user types who would interact with the Eagle system at various stages of the research process.

Team Collaboration

Use case modeling

Journey maps, user flows and data visualization sketching helped us identify points of integration with other tools in the suite and streamline the workflows between them.

Unified Experience

Competitive analysis

We analyzed existing market solutions designed to aid in the genomic research process to get a clear sense of their strengths and weaknesses. This helped to surface common approaches and workflows.

Results-oriented UX

Our teams worked together to process the research, explore feature and workflow ideas and develop a set of UX recommendations. The centerpiece of this work, one that offered the greatest value to target users, involved a concept for conversational UI and an interactive canvas-based visual modeling experience for genomic researchers and scientists to use to identify new drug discovery insights.

The new platform was purpose-built to improve the efficiency of existing processes and allow teams to collaborate and accelerate and manage their research projects as never before. Some highlights of the work include:

Visual Experience

Reduction in time to discovery

Visual explorations of the connections between conditions, treatments, and other attributes dramatically reduces the time typically required for discovery and hitting product development milestones.

Visual Experience

Increase in research productivity

An estimated annual efficiency improvement of 30% or more for data scientist’s productivity. This level of improvement will effectively double a scientist’s available time over a maximum period of 3 years.

“Proximity Lab was an excellent UX/UI product strategy and design partner. They helped us accelerate our understanding of user journeys and user profiles, and ultimately created stunning visual designs that enabled us to demonstrate the power of our product to current and new customers.”

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