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Enabling Creative Inspiration

Helping a creative software giant produce best in class products

Most people equate Adobe to their flagship applications like Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat. But the reality is that Adobe produces a wide range of consumer and enterprise tools designed to empower creative businesses.

Over the past ten years, Proximity Lab has worked with Adobe on more than 40 critical projects spanning strategic vision work and UX and visual design work for Adobe’s core desktop, mobile and web-based products. Over the course of this collaboration, Proximity lab has become a trusted partner as Adobe has shaped the landscape of content creation, collaboration and the design and development of online digital experiences.

Our work was initially focused on designing and developing showcase apps for Adobe to demonstrate the kinds of experiences and features enabled by their tools and technologies. As our teams continued working together, Proximity Lab was given more responsibility to help shape the customer experiences and interfaces for dozens of Adobe products.

Adobe Project
Analysis and research

Analysis and research

Our team informed Adobe’s strategic planning and product roadmap, analyzing user behaviors and experiences to better understand Adobe’s customers, their needs and how the products can better serve those needs. We have evaluated features and workflows across Adobe’s product suite and internal enterprise tools.

UX and UI development

UX and UI development

We have designed the experiences for key features and workflows for a number of desktop and touch-based consumer and enterprise products including Photoshop, Acrobat, After Effects, Lightroom Mobile, Bridge, Creative Cloud, Document Cloud and OneConsole for enterprise customers.

Product features and roadmaps

Features, workflows and roadmaps

Because our teams have been involved in the design of product features spanning multiple product domains at Adobe, we’ve found ourselves in the unique position of helping Adobe bring greater consistency to common patterns and workflows, also identifying and leveraging features across projects.

Adobe Project

Envisioning the future

We have helped the Adobe team look more broadly at how Adobe’s products are addressing the changing needs of creative professionals. We have also helped create long-term customer journeys and roadmaps to identify and anticipate the changing needs of creative experts over time, ensuring that customers maintain strong ties to Adobe as their needs and professional demands change.

Visual Experience

Visualizing multi-device experiences and workflows

With the dramatic increase in the variety and volume of touch-based devices, we helped Adobe consider how customers’ needs span desktops and touch-based devices to create fully integrated end-to-end experiences.

Visual Experience

Expanding collaboration capabilities

Knowing that creative professionals rely upon sharing and collaboration, we helped identify ways in which teams and individuals can more easily work together in and across Adobe’s applications.