How AI is Transforming Product Design

Artificial intelligence (AI) represents a broad range of technologies and capabilities that will continue to radically change the way we interact with digital content. As design professionals seeking to better understand the impact of AI on product design and creativity, we spoke with and surveyed product and design tool experts, designers, and knowledge workers. We combined this with our own experience helping companies research, envision, and build AI-powered experiences to develop this report.


  • Next-generation products will need to evolve how users interact with AI to build trust with users, improve guidance, and comply with regulations

  • Design tools that leverage smart computing technologies will free designers from the mundane and allow them to focus on more strategic and creative work

  • AI-powered business applications will help knowledge workers make better decisions and will help them better express their ideas

The UX research and design teams at Proximity Lab are committed to fostering a shared understanding of the challenges and opportunities that AI presents for the creative professionals who shape the future by designing and building the next generation of intelligent products.

We hope you enjoy the report and invite you to share your responses, ideas, and insights with us. And if you’d like to explore ways we can help your product team with research, product strategy, and UX design, we’d love to talk with you.


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